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Auto Keyboard 10.0

Customizes keyboard and mouse actions and responses
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Automate keyboard events by accessing the settings of your controller and assigning automatically repeated typing of a predefined key combination, repeated filling of specific forms, playing games, etc. The utility also features settings for automated mouse clicking.

Many jobs require to carry out repetitive tasks using a combination of keys and/or mouse clicks. This program allows you to automate these tasks in an easy way. You only need to create a new task and add the keys you need to be pressed, as well as the mouse clicks if required. Then, you can save this combination and schedule it to be carried out at preset intervals, or only when you press a hotkey. This may be useful, for example, when you have a complex and time-consuming key combination that you need to type several times in a given period of time. You can create a new task on the program, add the key combination, and use a hotkey (say, F2), so every time you press it, the program can emulate the keyboard and type the combination automatically.

The only drawback I found is that every time you open the program, a dialog box appears telling you that there is a newer version of the program and asking you if you want to download it. If you click "Yes", the program opens the developer's website, but you can download only Version 10, which is the version you already have installed. Also, the program's interface is kind of dull, although this does not affect the program's functionality.

In sum, if you want your system to perform repetitive keyboard and mouse tasks automatically, you may want to try this program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is useful and easy to use


  • Every time you open the program, a dialog box appears telling you that there is a newer version and asking you to download it, but it is only available as a cost-based version
  • The interface is kind of dull
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